Hi my name is Stacey I believe in the power of dolls so much I have Cerebral Palsy feet Differences and braces I remember when I was little I would name my dolls my friends names based on which looked the most like them I never had a stacey doll because none of my dolls really looked like me I use to wish so much that thee was a doll that looked like me when I found out about amy and a doll like me I was over the moon even as an adult it is so empowering to see my face in the face of a doll

"I can see a doll that looks like me, with a little leg just like me.” My daughter being able to see herself in a doll is good for her on so many levels. To be able to see the physical difference mirrored on a doll helps her to not feel different. There are times when feeling different or less than those around you is a heavy burden to bear. Especially for a child. Hayden has some great things going for her, a constant smile on her face, her willingness to walk up to a child who clearly sees she is built or moving differently and say, “Let's play and be friends,” her overwhelming confidence, but most of all, her grace. I have seen her tell another child what is different about Baby Hayden's leg, then saying those magical words, “just like me.” To watch her use Baby Hayden as a teaching tool, a comforting friend and a toy so seamlessly is a blessing. The short answer wrapped in the thoughts of this father is A Doll Like Me is exactly as the name implies. A Doll Like Me for people, children, who desperately need to see themselves normalized in the shape of a toy.

What my doll like me means to me is that I can see a doll that looks like me, with a little leg just like me. Baby Hayden will be with me at all my surgeries too and that's pretty cool. When I first opened the box with her inside, I was surprised because she was brown like me, with braids like me and even a little leg like me. I thought you could not have dolls with the same stuff as people have. At one doctor appointment, the man who makes my brace for my legs even made one for Baby Hayden and we were like twins!

We like our dolls because it helps us be proud of who we are.

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