A girl with a doll in hand

The Magic of Dolls

A Doll Like Me was born out of the idea that our unique differences make us beautiful. At the very heart of this organization is the idea that children need to see themselves in the toys that they play with.

Dolls are important in play and imagination and they help children make sense of their world. They can help children cope with stressful situations and , most importantly, they can help a child feel confident in who they are. Because of that, dolls should look like the children who love them!

My work is magical. I see the beauty in children that the people who love them see, then I capture it in the sweet face of a doll.

How I Do It

I custom-make every doll to look like the child who will receive it. Each one is unique! I am able to do this through the people who spread the word, purchase apparel and donate. You can donate by designating "A Doll Like Me" as your Amazon Smile recipient or through Facebook, PayPal, GoFundMe or mailing a check.

A Doll Like Me, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible and some employers will match donations. Medical costs often make "extras" out of reach for families, so this is a practical way to ensure that the dolls remain free of charge for those receiving them.

Lighting the Way to Inclusivity for Children

When ilumino met A Doll Like Me we immediately connected with their mission and focus on the bigger picture, which resonates with our own vision for lighting the path to accessibility. Just as Amy believes that every child should have the opportunity to love a doll that is a representation of themselves, we believe that children and adults alike should be able to access the digital world without barriers. ilumino has partnered with the A Doll Like Me charity to help spread the global mission to change the narrative of how we see each other and to help promote an inclusive world in every respect.

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Donations Ensure That Dolls Can Be Provided to Families At No Charge 

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