"I can see a doll that looks like me, with a little leg just like me.” My daughter being able to see herself in a doll is good for her on so many levels. To be able to see the physical difference mirrored on a doll helps her to not feel different. There are times when feeling different or less than those around you is a heavy burden to bear. Especially for a child. Hayden has some great things going for her, a constant smile on her face, her willingness to walk up to a child who clearly sees she is built or moving differently and say, “Let's play and be friends,” her overwhelming confidence, but most of all, her grace. I have seen her tell another child what is different about Baby Hayden's leg, then saying those magical words, “just like me.” To watch her use Baby Hayden as a teaching tool, a comforting friend and a toy so seamlessly is a blessing. The short answer wrapped in the thoughts of this father is A Doll Like Me is exactly as the name implies. A Doll Like Me for people, children, who desperately need to see themselves normalized in the shape of a toy.

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